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Before dedicating my life to hangovers, I was a normal New Yorker who spent lots of time in bars and lots of time at work.  One particularly brutal morning (which was the result of a particularly awesome night before), I started thinking there had to be a way to have both great nights and great days. How 

During a period of intense sacrifice, I worked my way through every hangover remedy I could find and found that the hangover products out there were herbal remedies that had to be taken the night before and didn’t do much to solve the problem.

I started on a quest to find something that really worked and could be taken the morning after drinking.  After some research, I found a combination that did the trick, fast. I started sharing it with my friends, and they kept asking for more.  I realized I was on to something.  In 2010, I founded Rally Labs and now I focus full time on hangovers.


- Brenna Haysom, Founder