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The fine folks at Tipsy Bartender, home to the largest social media gathering of drinking enthusiasts in the world, know a thing or two about drinking and drinking well. However, those zany partying mixologists also know that with great drinking comes great well as a mind-cracking, stomach-lurching hangover the next morning. Ain't nobody got time for that.

So as you can well imagine, these impresarios of the imbibing arts were in desperate need of a hangover remedy that actually works. Naturally, Blowfish for Hangovers crossed their radar and they decided to test it after a good night filled with bad decisions—vodka shots, Buttery Nipples, Jaeger Bombs. Ouch. Did Blowfish actually work for them the next morning? Check out the Tipsy Bartender Test:


Success! Blowfish works! After about fifteen minutes, the jury is in. And the jury no longer wants to crawl inside a hole and die. Headache gone. Pain gone. Energy back. Will to live restored. Faith in Blowfish, very much confirmed.

What's more unbelievable? The Blowfish formulation is recognized by the FDA as effective in the treatment of hangovers. But who cares about the FDA! All you need to know is that it simply works, and that's the result the Tipsy Bartender was after.

NEWS UPDATE: Due to the massive popularity of Blowfish, the free samples mentioned in the Tipsy Bartender video are no longer offered. Sad! However, if you still have any doubts and want to feel better about your purchase of Blowfish for Hangovers, check out their guarantee. You have to admit though, with a review like that, is there really any doubt? Get your supply of Blowfish online through their secure checkout or use their store locator and pick some up on your way home at any CVS nationwide. Your future self will thank you for it.