Why I Use Blowfish to Battle Hangovers

Blowfish 12 Tablet Box In my early 20s, when my weekend routine consisted of going out all night with friends, all it took was some wee-hour diner food to prevent a hangover. These days, with my 30th birthday approaching, it’s not so easy to wake up feeling fine after a night of drinking. Plus, I have more responsibilities than I did back then, so I can’t be dragging myself around like an extra on The Walking Dead just because I had a few beers the night before. Still, I knew there had to be a way to enjoy a night out and still function like a responsible adult the next day. Everyone has their own version of a “hangover cure,” so I’m always skeptical any time I hear about one. I do trust my close friends, though, which is why I was pretty intrigued by Blowfish when my buddy told me about it.

I figured a product specifically created “for hangovers,” as their website says, must have some merit to it. So, I decided to have a night on the town and give it a shot. I went to their website and decided to start with the 12-tablet box. They also have a 50-tablet party pack, which I’m sure is a great option for New Year’s Eve gatherings and company soirees, but a dozen tablets for the perfectly sensible cost of $11.99 sounded just right for me. They also let you pay through your Amazon account, so it’s really easy to order. I scrolled through some reviews before confirming my order. Things were looking pretty positive. Several five-star reviews, all of them written by people who said they were initially skeptical about a hangover cure that really worked. I felt pretty confident, so I went ahead and placed the order. Besides, I’d recover from spending a measly $11.99 if this didn’t actually work.

Blowfish Tablets

Blowfish 12 Tablet Box packets

The box came in the mail a few days later. Here’s what the tablets look like:

First Time Trying the Tablets

I had my fun with some friends and got myself good and ready to see what Blowfish was about the next morning. When I woke up––and trust me, saying I was “awake” is probably generous––I had a hammering headache and the day ahead felt like it’d be a real challenge, so I was crossing my fingers that this would work. I tore open one of the packets and put both tablets in a glass of water.

Now I know where the name comes from! The tablet sunk to the bottom of the glass, bubbling all the way down like, well, a blowfish. Once I put the second tablet in, the glass was fizzing like a jacuzzi. It was fun to watch, but it was at that point that I worried that this wasn’t going to taste so good. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

I took a few sips and to my delight, it kind of tasted like a mild citrus soda. But unlike soda, it still went down smooth like water. Pretty cool that all those bubbles don’t make it overly carbonated and tough to drink.

Blowfish for Hangovers Tablets

The Tablets


I was very pleased to discover that my headache was no match for these tablets. And despite only getting a few hours of sleep the night before, I felt far more alert than I normally would. Simply put, my first experience with this stuff was enough to make me a believer. Now I know I can drink and be merry without having to be ache and be bleary the next day. I’ll probably still have the occasional post-drinking diner meal, but now I know I’ve got a guaranteed hangover remedy to rely on. Blowfish is a great example of having your cake and eating it too.